Thank-you for visiting my website. I am an artist. Much of my work is created not by any self imposed form or style of painting, but by the emotional reaction brought on by the events in my own life or those occurring in the world at large. These reactions manifest themselves through any and all means and happen without extensive planning. In most cases, the influence is subtle.  You will also find that my work is without any reference to dates of creation. This is because much, if not all of my work, is undergoing constant revision as time or clarity of vision bring about changes to the piece. Often a piece will not be finished until it is sold or otherwise removed from my possession. As with anything, there are always exceptions to the rule but usually when a piece does reach the pinnacle of “Done”, this will also result in it becoming “Not for Sale”.

I strive to attain a strong image while still holding onto subtleties and nuance to create varied perceptions as well as a growing interest in the piece. In the end, my work is a means for me to communicate without words and a way to allow others to see something similar or something entirely different. The commonality is that whatever the interpretation, it is something latent within the viewer.

Thank-you for visiting and please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.

–J.B. Davis

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